Beacon is committed to developing and delivering high quality, targeted medicines that make a difference to patients’ lives and address some of society’s most devastating and grievous illnesses. Our objective is to improve the health of the populations we serve, and to deliver healthcare solutions that help individuals lead longer, healthier and more productive lives. Our innovative medicines and healthcare solutions improve patient productivity and quality of life, while helping to reduce healthcare and societal costs, such as medical spending, hospital costs and physician office visit expenditures.

At Beacon, we are working to:

  • Provide cost-effective solutions, including bio-similars, targeted therapies, nano technology products for patients around the globe
  • Evolve manufacturing processes to drive down costs
  • Introduce advanced new technologies to support patients and health care professionals
  • Continue to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality and reliable medicines.

At present, Beacon produces about 200 general and 70 oncology products, covering almost all the therapeutic classes.

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Products by Therapeutic Class

 oncology  biotech antiviral  anti-infective anti-asthmatic
pain-management cns-preparation anti-ulcerant cvs-preparation muscle-relaxant
plasma-substitute heamatinic-preparation uterotonic-agent anti-emetic anti-cough
anti-dote steroid anti-fungal premature-ejaculation vitamins-minerals
anti-histamine anti-spasmodic supplement